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We've had a wonderful first half term and have worked together to remain as happy and healthy as possible. Just look at all the wonderful artwork we produced!

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

Message to our Burford Community: We are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow (Mon 2nd Nov) ! In the meantime, should anyone in your family test positive for C-19 please email so that we can make any necessary support arrangements and ensure we all remain as safe as possible.

Year 2, 3 and 4 returning back to school

Hello everyone,


I should have mentioned a couple of things when I posted earlier today. The first thing is, when we plan for children in school from now on, we will be following the updated government guidance that says desks should be one metre, rather than two metres, apart.


The other thing to mention is we are really keen to see all children, face to face, before the end of term. In fact, it is a trust expectation this happens. There are a number of ways this will happen, which I list below:


Your child comes to school.


If you feel it is unsafe for your child to come to school, could you ensure they join the weekly Zoom meeting with their classmates.


Bring your child to collect their report (details to follow).


A home visit if all the above options fail.


Take care, 


Mr Farrington