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We've had a wonderful first half term and have worked together to remain as happy and healthy as possible. Just look at all the wonderful artwork we produced!

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

Message to our Burford Community: We are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow (Mon 2nd Nov) ! In the meantime, should anyone in your family test positive for C-19 please email so that we can make any necessary support arrangements and ensure we all remain as safe as possible.

Update on welcoming F1, F2 and Year 5 children back to school

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

As promised, I will try to keep you ‘in the loop’ as much as possible regarding our plans for wider re-opening. As always, these plans are very much provisional and subject to change. As you know, we welcomed back our Y6 pupils on the 8th June. This proved to be a great success and allowed us to bring forward our re-opening plans for our Y1 pupils. Our Y1 pupils will join us on Thursday 18th June. If this goes well, we hope to welcome back our F1 and F2 pupils on Monday 29th June. Eight parents in F1 have indicated that they would like their child to return on the 29th. Eight parents in F2 have done the same. We will plan with these numbers in mind unless told otherwise (parents have until 11am on Wednesday 24th June to change their mind). Mrs Flowers will contact these sixteen parents tomorrow to establish if they still want their child to return to school.

We also plan to welcome back our Y5 pupils on the 6th July. That will mean our Y6 pupils returning to learning from home (Ms Chapleo has lots of exciting plans in place for these children and will no doubt tell you soon). Mrs Flowers will be ringing our Y5 parents tomorrow to get an indication of how many children will be returning.

I hope that the information above gives you some clarity on school’s provisional plans for the next few weeks.

Mr Farrington