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School is now open to all pupils. We are enjoying seeing everyone back in school and the sound of fun and learning coming from our classrooms once again.

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

School is now open to all pupils. Please familiarise yourself with our staggered start and end times. School will regularly update you on plans via Class Dojo in relation to any changes or updates within school.

UPDATE on Free School Meal Vouchers

Morning all,


I had the following update about FSM vouchers earlier today:


'The free school meal voucher system has been upgraded over the bank holiday weekend. We are working closely with our supplier Edenred to resolve any outstanding issues quickly. We thank schools for their patience while the system is expanded to meet the high demand.'


Mrs Flowers has been working incredibly hard to ensure all our parents receive the vouchers they are entitled to as soon as possible. However, she is running up against the same problem that all schools in the country are experiencing - the system keeps crashing and/or freezing because of the high demand. She will keep on trying and as soon as we get a break through I will update here and on the website.


Mr Farrington