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Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School!

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

A very warm welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School! We are a creative, collaborative and nurturing school with high aspirations. We offer an inspiring, motivating and ambitious curriculum for our children which develops their whole character. Please explore our website to find out more! Mr Farrington, Head Teacher

Class timetables

The timetables below are approximate guides to when different subject disciplines will be taught throughout the week. These timetables are, however, subject to change as our teachers respond to the learning needs and enthusiasms of their class.


Lessons are adapted and refocused in response to successes and challenges so that learning opportunities are tailored to each cohort, and therefore our children's knowledge and understanding is progressed at an appropriate pace. Lessons are sequenced logically so that procedural and disciplinary knowledge is developed in a sensible sequence, and so that learning across all subjects builds to develop background knowledge and to create meaningful, purposeful contexts for our projects. (For example, during some weeks geography lessons will proceed history lessons if locational knowledge is required to help us to unpick historical issues; sometimes P.E. lessons proceed Science lessons which explore the physical impact of exercise on the body).


Our whole school global theme this  term is 'Looking after our connected world'. There are prominent geography strands within this global theme as our children develop their locational knowledge; their understanding of our position within a connected, international world; and their understanding of how they can make a difference. These summer projects concentrate upon environmentally responsible themes - such as recycling, deforestation and habitat protection, and climate change - and culminate in each class taking real world action to make a difference!