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Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School!

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

A very warm welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School! We are a creative, collaborative and nurturing school with high aspirations. We offer an inspiring, motivating and ambitious curriculum for our children which develops their whole character. Please explore our website to find out more! Mr Farrington, Head Teacher


Our Burford Primary School motto is: 'ATTEND, ASPIRE, ACHIEVE.'


Our children ATTEND school every day because they look forward to learning! 


We have worked hard to develop a curriculum throughout school which is fun, inspiring, challenging, and which helps us to ACHIEVE high standards so that we can be ASPIRATIONAL about our futures.


At Burford, we want to change the world and make a positive difference!

We don't see why that needs to wait until we're older, so we're starting NOW!

Every adult a leader


At Burford, every adult is a leader, and we develop our children's leadership skills, too! 


We each lead a subject that we are passionate about and are responsible for making sure that our subject is taught to the best possible standard in school, so that we can have maximum impact when developing our children's knowledge, skills and enthusiasm! 


Each Subject Leader has written:

  • a vision statement, which shares their intent for their subject
  • an implementation statement, which explains how their subject is taught
  • progression statements, which map how skills and knowledge are built, revisited and refined throughout school
  • an impact statement, which reviews the impact the teaching of their subject has had upon learning 


Each Subject Leader:

  • is an expert in their subject and is passionate about it!
  • quality controls the teaching of their subject and makes every effort to make their subject at Burford the best it can be! 
  • reviews the impact the teaching of their subject has had upon learning and reports back to our Senior Leadership Team 
  • makes recommendations on how to develop their subject across school
  • organises continuing professional development opportunities to help their colleagues to develop their practice


Ms Chapleo is our Teaching and Learning Leader who offers coaching and mentoring to support the development our leaders' practice throughout school.