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School is now open to all pupils. We are enjoying seeing everyone back in school and the sound of fun and learning coming from our classrooms once again.

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

School is now open to all pupils. Please familiarise yourself with our staggered start and end times. School will regularly update you on plans via Class Dojo in relation to any changes or updates within school.

How do I find out what my child's class is doing?

At Burford, we encourage everyone at home to sign up to Class Dojo!



We use this for the following things:

  • Class teachers send out useful private messages (e.g. things to remember or key dates!)
  • Class teachers send messages home about great work
  • Teachers - and sometimes children - update their 'Class Story' with photos and diary entries about what we've been up to in class
  • We use the 'School Page' to tell you about upcoming whole school events (e.g. sports day!) and, more recently, COVID related issues. 


Please chat to your child's class teacher about how you can sign up to Class Dojo for use on your phone, tablet or desktop.  computer.