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We've had a wonderful first half term and have worked together to remain as happy and healthy as possible. Just look at all the wonderful artwork we produced!

Welcome to Burford Primary and Nursery School

Message to our Burford Community: We are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow (Mon 2nd Nov) ! In the meantime, should anyone in your family test positive for C-19 please email so that we can make any necessary support arrangements and ensure we all remain as safe as possible.

Home - learning (homework and Covid-19 related absences)



Our curriculum is just as inspiring, motivating, meaningful and challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are just as ambitious and our team have worked hard to find work-arounds which help us to continue during lockdowns and with social-distancing measures in place! 


However, we know that we would be naive not to have a plan in place for how to support our children and families should individuals or entire bubbles be absent due to the pandemic.


Please watch the video below for how we will proceed with home-learning, and for details on how we can support you to continue learning together at home.


Home learning with Burford